William has been a tremendous support to me in various social media strategies. A personable person who delivers excellent results and makes you feel valued. A sincere thank you William. Highly recommendable.

-Elaine Karmasyn
Founder and owner of Ermioni Info and GreekSTRAYS

Always helpful, great information and tips to help any business with their social media marketing!

-Nancie Gray

Vice President, Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce

Bill is awesome. He's one of few social media experts that truly understands how to make money for a business - and if he can't help you, he'll tell you so. With so many people out there selling these services today - with questionable track records and results - I'm grateful to have Bill and Talking Finger as a trusted partner and resource.

-Mike Liebensohn
Partner at VideoActive Productions

We have worked with Bill DeRosa and his partner Erik Granato for a couple of years now. They are a key part of our marketing team. We rely on their advice in planning our social media strategy.

-Steve Klinghoffer,
President at WPI Communications, Inc.

We have a ton of referrals, recommendations, reviews and write-ups about our company.

A handful are listed below. You can ask us for more any time!

The team at Talking Finger are great! Helpful, caring, really know their stuff! I would highly recommend them.

-Carol Pendagast 

CVC Member at Valley United Way and Director of Human Resource Services at Serra & DelVecchio Insurance

William is Awesome! He went way above and beyond. Even when were satisfied with his ad campaign results, he personally wasn't satisfied and went even further to get exceptional results on his own time. What more could you ask for?!

-Ellie Williams
Hacker in Heels, Investor, Tog + Porter President, Hopeful Retail Disrupter

One of the joys of working with Bill on my Creative Chat Cafe Talk Show Hangout, is that he knows how to integrate play with work. I invited Bill to be my regular co-host on my web show because he is a very knowledgeable Social Media expert and rocks at what he does. 
I was also intrigued by how passionate he was (and still is) in helping others grow their business in a non "geeky" kind of way. Social Media is this 21st. century communication trend that can intimidate many people but he has the ability to keep the topic less complicated. Bill's people personality is his asset and that is the magnet that attracts his clients to him.

-Zef Zan, Director or Social Media Communications at Malaysia U.S. Chamber of Commerce

They've all been so helpful, even before I hired them. In fact, it was Bill's generosity in helping out his online followers (pro bono) that inspired me to create a relationship with them. They are awesome! :)

-Rosa Conti

Rosa Conti Productions

I got to know Bill DeRosa when I met him at a trade show. I found his wit and intelligence refreshing and inviting and invited him to my office for a meeting. I went on to retain Bill and his firm, Talking Finger, as consultants for my company, Crossroads Consulting. Since then, Bill has been a trusted adviser and is an invaluable part of my company. I don't give recommendations on LinkedIn unless it's a person I am willing to personally vouch for and in this case it is an honor and a privilege to have been asked and for me anyway, an opportunity to say, "Thank You" to a tremendous talent and even better person, Bill DeRosa.

-Mitch Beck
Crossroads Consulting, LLC - Owner - Executive Recruiting 

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Nice Things People Say About Us

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William is a dedicated individual who goes above and beyond to help others succeed in their business ventures. He is enthusiastic & passionate about his work, and his positive attitude is contagious. I first met Bill when he was presenting on why Social Media should be an integral part of your marketing campaign, and immediately recognized his eagerness & intensity to help others succeed. Since then, we have worked together on speaking engagements & more, and he is always there to turn to when someone needs help with an issue of any magnitude - small or large. Bill is a wonderful person to know, work with, and a great asset to any business that he works with!

-Jackie MacKnight,
Director Marketing, Community Relations & Events, Better Business Bureau