Since its official launch in March 2010, Talking Finger social media and digital marketing agency was created with a single purpose: To focus on and become the authority on social media marketing and it's integration with websites, email marketing and all other media. We believe this is the only way an agency can keep up with the continual, almost daily changes that occur in this fluid, growing marketing sphere. New social media networks are created, others become less viable, and strategies that were successful today are soon antiquated.

Because of our focus, we are able to continually find new avenues to market your business or organization, all while continually refining current initiatives. This is paramount to creating successful social media marketing strategies and initiatives. Understanding where your target audience is makes the difference between spending inordinate amounts of time on social media platforms, and streamlining the efforts for increased ROI, brand awareness and advocacy.

Our strength is in our continual research and education. We never stop learning, we never stop pushing the boundaries, and we never stop experimenting with our own social platforms to be sure that what we do for each and every client gives them the best of what is available. We feel this experience gives us a strong advantage in the marketplace and increases our available social media marketing services.

Talking Finger's deep roots in traditional marketing gives us the ability to create social media strategies that are in synergy with all current marketing initiatives. So while we focus specifically on social media, we are well versed and understand the traditional marketing world.

We also offer ALL ad/marketing/public relations services both online and offline through our carefully chosen network of strategic partners. Whether you need website design, SEO, PR, print, mobile marketing...anything...we can be your one-stop-shop!

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