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Directly tied to an implementable social media marketing content strategy are the analytics and metrics behind the content. This data is important to understand not only how your content resonates with your audience, it also gives you an idea of the best days and times to post, demographic information, traffic sources, sales funnel indicators, drop off rates for videos and so much more! You always create your own data, and it is vital you understand the Key Point indicators which measure your efforts.

We can perform a complete analysis of your social media marketing analytics as part of an overall social initiative or as a stand alone product to help better understand how much time you are putting into social media marketing, and what your returns are, as well as to help redefine content strategy.

We can also teach you how to read the analytics and metrics data for self-maintenance. The Dashboards available on each social network may look intimidating at first, however with a little instruction and a little practice, anyone with some knowledge of reading charts and graphs can become well adept at this in no time!


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